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Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)

Leica ScanStation is an excellent solution for a precise and a very detailed recording of all kinds of objects (buildings, roads, quarries, etc.).

Main advantages are shorter time in the field and the possibility of a full 360º x 270º field-of-view. Scanner is capable of point density of 1.2mm x 1.2mm max at up to 300m of distance (up to 200m recommended). At this maximal resolution, the scanning speed is up to 4000 points per second. Every scanned point of a point cloud has its own coordinates. Coordinates can be in any kind of coordinate system.

Output file can be in any form: ASCII, xyz, svy, pts, ptx, txt, dxf, dbx, ptz, and LandXML.

The further processing of points is therefore possible with practically any commonly encountered software for surveying, civil engineering, architecture, etc.